Press Box

MMI seeks feedback from every project and every client - on an ongoing basis while the project is underway, one year after project completion, and three years later at no cost for purposes of continious quality improvement to use the findings for the benefit of future projects. 

Here are a few examples:

"Dr. Hartwig and his Team were critical in our ability to introduce several new service and product lines that have exciting market potential" - President and CEO of Planning Commission

MMI Testimonial

"MLE is visionary, creative, futuristic, and responsive to staff and residents - an unusually talented group"    Director of Nursing

"Supported and educational senior travel lodging and services opened up a whole new future for our business"    Owner of Atlantic Based Lodges

"Our staffing and service redesigns are just what we needed to invigorate our mission and organization"     Executive Director - Not-for-Profit Organization

"Dr. Hartwig was our best presentation on the implications of aging on education for the entire conference"    Dean Major Midwest University

"By light years, the plans, reports and studies...more importantly the success rate in proposals and funding returns is best I have seen in years when MMI is involved"     - President Community Foundation

"Without comparison, MMI produces the most innovative yet financial reasonable results we have experienced with the majority of consulting firms" - Director of Retail Marketing

"We receive hundreds of project proposals, we welcome getting them from MMI since they among the best we ever see" - VP Corporate Foundation

"MMI is a rare find in these times given the demographic challenges that our companies and our entire market sector faces" - Business Executive