Maturity Marketplace Initiative (MMI)

From service configuration to product design, from communications to customer feedback from aging in place technologies to cars, from tourism to finance, from private sector services to public sector initiatives, the maturing consumer is being brought in too late to inform critical business decisions.  The result is that many businesses, municipalities, organizations, tourism-hospitality firms and in fact all sectors of our rapidly aging society are loosing potential customers, value delivery, mission effectiveness, profitability, growth potential, competitive edges and opportunity for strategic evolution to stay competitive today.

Many major companies fail to recognize the impact of a burgeoning aging population ofthe design and delivery of their products and services.  Today, those that do are rapidly 

differentiating themselves from others and gaining market share and as importantly responding to emerging human and economic conditions.

Mature Marketplace InitiativeRemarkable increases in longevity due to:Individuals in the US and in fact globally, with rare exception, are placing important imprints on implications for emerging markets.


MMI can assist and mobilize companies in several markets to engage and factor into professional and business decisions this historical global aging imperative.  Demographics trends are objectively confirmable and neither quickly passing or media driven.  In fact, the longevity increases noted are with us for generations to come and have long term indicating  implications for all aspects of our society.

Business clients of MMI can engage these market conditions and by doing so increase their ability to not only be a responsible participant in todays society by responding to the interests of others but correspondingly advance their own interests.