Homes for Independent Lifestyles (HIL)

It does not take research data or any expert to confirm that no one, regardless of how they define "home", wishes to move or worse yet "to feel being placed" in a setting other than "home".  Understandably because of circumstances or preferences many of us choose to seek a different residence as time passes, many do not wish to have a central home base, or others who wish to be mobile.  Regardless, all wish to live in a setting that is characterized by:


Overall, a home that supports their life and lifestyle for as long as they wish.

NO ONE wishes to enter a dependent care faciltiy of any type (assisted living, nursing home etc.)  In fact, short of a necessity caused by health decline, EVERYONE wishes to age in place at "home". 

Everyone wishes to age in place at homeMost people facing expenses of $3000-$6000 per month or $36,000 to $72,000 per year also can quickly understand the financial wisdom of a specially designed new home or a beautiful and barrier free renovated/modified home and grounds that can bring them not only a quality of life they seek but extend their longevity...with an emphasis on health and an active life. 

HIL can not only assess the homes physical environment but also via a confidential personal health assessment anticipate future changes in health and functionality. Thus, pre-planned changes can be easily and affordably installed later if needed.

Average Nursing Home ExpenseProjects of large and small scale reflect HIL and MLE commitment to each individual.  Emphasis and specialization is prioritized to mature individuals and families, a younger individual with health, mobility or sensory challenges, and veterans with special environmental needs.In addition to single family homes, apartments, condos, etc. HIL is also skilled and experienced with over $80M and years of experience planning, developing, and building or renovating/modifying health-oriented multi units.  HIL and its clients are selective in their engagements since both insist projects must be innovative, technologically capable, financially feasible, and unique is design, function and living experience.

While long term care facilities, assisted living, and large congregate developments have a legitimate place in the current continuum care reserved for older adults with complex needs, the mission of MLE via HIL is to make every reasonable attempt to assist individuals and families to remain in their "home" and avoid dependent care residential placement. In addition, MLE via joint efforts by MMI and HIL are available to assist long term care entities to reengineer themselves for the future needs of individuals with complex medical/health needs.

HIL via MLE are Certified Aging in Place Specialists, licensed and certified professionals of the highest standards bringing over 40 years of experience to the careful planning of environments, large and small, in which individuals call "home".  The human and financial benefits while obvious to most of specifically designed living environments are part of each HIL analysis and plan provided to a client, family, developer, construction firm or owner.

MLE and HIL seek to assist in accelerating the development of innovative home designs and living environments in the evolution of housing for a maturing society.